Anonymous asked:

Can you explain what is happening with the Net Neutrality in simple-human terms?


Alright, so this term Net Neutrality was established to say that ISPs (Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, whomever you pay to get your internet) have to treat all traffic from all websites the same, no matter if its competitors, if its a news site they disagree with, so on. Though the way this was all lined out back then wasn’t 100% bulletproof, so the companies that stand to profit off of this system being no longer in place have taken it down with their power.

Now that Net Neutrality is gone, these companies (guessing especially the ones like Verizon and Comcast) are able to treat different sites however they want, some examples would be:

  • Making certain news outlets load slowly/not at all
  • Making youtube, netflix, etc load slowly or in low quality unless you pay more
  • Completely stopping certain websites from loading on their networks
  • Making the people whom own websites pay more just to have their sites load on certain Service Providers

And so on.

This opens the doors for the worse of these companies (like Verizon whom was pushing for the destruction of Net Neutrality to begin with and now got their wish) to start offering more expensive data plans for the same stuff we get now. Nothings stopping them from having packages like:

  • "Social Media Package" where you can load facebook, twitter, instagram nice and fast, but nearly every other site won’t buffer
  • "Video Streaming" where you can pay a premium for Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc to load fast while other sites go slow
  • Or even something like “Pay for What you Want”, where they could give you some basic common sites, Googe, Facebook, etc, but then make you pay additional per month, lets say $5/month, for you to load other sites speedy. So if you want to use Tumblr and Reddit and Imgur and have them load fast, then that’d be an additional $15/month, or something of the sort

So basically, it would destroy the internet as we know it. It would no longer be an open space for people to communicate and share or really do much of anything without paying out the ass.

And though this is just in America, think about it: Most websites that are commonly used are based in America, so if this goes down here, it’ll also affect the rest of the world.

This is why we need to do our parts, sign petitions, contact your senator (the tumblr button at the top will automatically call you and patch you through to your senator), and spread the word. The most common thing these petitions are for is to urge the FCC to change Broadband connections to be treated like Communications, so that it can’t have this kind of restriction placed on this.

Bottom Line: we need to get things back to how they’ve been so that we can’t be taken advantage of by the big data providers.